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The Experience of Snow

Tingling cold and soft powder snow. The fascinating white glow exerts an almost magical attraction on people, it cheers up and reawakens a playful instinct, independently of age. TechnoAlpin’s indoor snow concepts allow you to live this fascination 365 days a year. Here are the most important trends.

Snow Room for Luxury Hotels

Cold is a trend, thanks to many positive health benefits. A snow room is the perfect complement for the hot sauna, but it can also be used as a cold room. Besides the healthy treatment, the snow room is an attraction and an experience per se: -10°C of dry cold and fresh powder snow every day are a highlight for every spa.

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Real indoor snowfall

The magic of real snowflakes gently trickling to the ground can now be experienced for the first time in a closed room 365 days a year. At -5°C, the Winter Chamber of Wonder in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds becomes a magical winter paradise with real snowfall simulation.

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Shopping Experience with Powder Snow

The retail business is not only about products, but mostly about experiences. Especially for clothing and winter fashion, the snow room represents a true winter experiences inside the store: temperatures below zero and real snow take the customer to a little winter wonderland in order to test the products at outdoor conditions.

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Snow Room: In store winter experience

Indoor ski centers & snow parks – Winter Wonderland all year

Indoor skiing or simply fun in the snow: TechnoAlpin has specific solutions for indoor snowparks, with powder snow quality and high resource efficiency. Even snow at positive temperatures is possible.

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Indoor Ski Snowpark

Indoor snow for industrial tests

Test facilities for product testing, industry, vehicle construction or scientific research centers require snow at the push of a button. Snow can have a variety of effects depending on its consistency and the conditions on the ground. TechnoAlpin offers a range of solutions for carrying out different snow tests – on either entire vehicles and products or on individual components.

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Schnee für Testanlagen

Snow at Warm Temperatures

Temperature does not always need to be below zero. The Snowfactory enables snow fun at temperatures from +15°C to +20°C. Also in this case, snow does not require anything but water for its production.

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TechnoAlpin Global

TechnoAlpin is at the leading edge of innovation in snowmaking technology worldwide with numerous subsidiaries. With our industry expertise and decades of experience, we can be relied upon to find the right solution for each individual customer.

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