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Passion for Snowmaking

TechnoAlpin guarantees first-class snow quality for a unique winter experience all over the world. The company makes a significant investment in the area of research and development every year, which is why TechnoAlpin has become the leader in innovation and the market leader in this industry. Driven by a passion for making snow, TechnoAlpin delivers optimal snowmaking solutions all over the world. This allows the company to guarantee the best snow quality, while at the same time, to remain committed to the environmentally friendly use of existing resources.

TechnoAlpin Global

TechnoAlpin has been providing optimal solutions for snowmaking equipment since 1990. From its headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, the company takes care of some 12 international branches, 25 retail partners and more than 2,200 customers in more than 50 countries. The company has strived to be very active in many fields right from when it was first founded. This has also facilitated the high level of investment in research and development. Since it’s founding, TechnoAlpin has produced more than 100,000 snow guns in its headquarters in Bolzano, Italy.

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TechnoAlpin Partnership

TechnoAlpin has been partners with the International Ski Federation (FIS) since 2006 and delivers first-class snow at numerous winter sports events. Six of the last eight Winter Olympics also had snow produced by TechnoAlpin snow guns, including the 2017 Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. About 90% of the 20 million ski days in the world’s top 15 resorts are thanks to TechnoAlpin’s snow.

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