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Indoor snowfall 365 days a year - the Winter Chamber of Wonder

Everything is perfectly still. Frost glitters on the trees and the snow casts a sparkling glow over the surrounding area. The newly created "Silent Light" Chamber of Wonder at Swarovski Crystal Worlds will enchant visitors as it transforms into a magical winter wonderland with sub-zero temperatures and real snow falling softly from the ceiling. A SnowRoom of a very special kind!

A room where winter stands still

A stroll through a freshly snow-covered winter landscape with snow romantically falling from above – this wonderful winter tale can now be experienced for the first time in a closed room at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. A unique and tailor-made indoor snow-making solution where "Let it snow" can be a magical experience all year round.

24 hours of snowfall

To simulate the snowfall, Snow Room temperature is maintained at -5°C (23°F), which means that the fine water spray from the snow jets immediately freezes to form snowflakes. As with all Snow Rooms, a large quantity of snow is produced at night to create a deceptively real winter landscape. However, genuine snowfall during routine operations is the "icing on the cake" and a world-wide product innovation.

Resource-saving technology

The innovative technology is extremely effective and gentle on resources. High-quality insulating panels, triple glazing and the avoidance of any warm bridges ensure that the low temperature is maintained under optimal conditions after the initial cooling period. The snow cover also acts as a cold reservoir. An air-conditioned anteroom promotes effective cooling and also makes it comfortable for visitors to move between warm and cold areas.