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Snow columns - the reliable solution for climatic wind tunnels

The snow column was specially developed by TechnoAlpin for climatic wind tunnels in order to meet the complex requirements encountered in industrial testing. The snow production is so precise that for the first time ever it can deliver scientific analyses, reliable test reports and reproducible results. The snow is used to test various parameters, such as engine air intake or interior ventilation.

The extreme conditions encountered in winter, including snow-covered road surfaces and snowstorms, are simulated on the test rig. It allows a reduction in the number of expensive tests in winter prompted by malfunctions. This enables great flexibility, increased efficiency and sharp acceleration in development processes as prototypes can be tested faster and, most importantly, more frequently.

During the development of the snow column, special attention was paid to the required snow particle size. The meticulous work involved in the process resulted in a snow nozzle which allows a realistic simulation of the properties of natural snow.


The risk of inadequate test results is therefore minimized thanks to consistent snow quality and predictable weather conditions. Reproducibility is guaranteed, including at the shortest possible time intervals. This also improves the environmental footprint of the product overall.

Technology with the flexibility to adapt to the relevant needs

The outstanding feature of the special nozzle is the optimum balance in the mixture of water and air which freezes to form snow particles within a very short distance. The predefined amount of water shoots out of the nozzles at a temperature of 0°C directly into the cold air stream in the wind tunnel. The nozzles can be adjusted manually in all directions, allowing the snow to be aimed directly at the target object and enabling the required snow concentration in the wind.

The nozzle is mounted on the robust body of a snow column, the length of which can be adapted to the vehicle in the wind tunnel at any given time. The settings can therefore be adapted to the test in any given case. This flexibility means that the test team no longer needs to adapt to the environment. 

Assembly complete in 15 minutes

Special attention was paid during the development process to enabling simple and rapid assembly and disassembly. Thanks to the lightweight construction and the plug & play principle, the snow columns can be mounted on the adapters provided at the bottom of the wind tunnel within 15 minutes. The base can be rotated through 360°.


The snow column is fitted with heaters and temperature sensors and regulates its temperature itself. This guarantees perfect operation even in extreme temperatures or in case of sudden interruptions.