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Snowfall simulation for load tests

The various development teams are often more concerned with optimizing individual components than with the vehicle as a whole, which is only of secondary importance to them.

TechnoAlpin is the first company in the world to allow the imitation of natural snowfall in a closed room. The system is cleverly designed to mimic nature with snowflakes fluttering down onto all kinds of different components. Various analyses can then be carried out, such as how certain components behave under large snow deposits. The only prior conditions are a room of the required dimensions (3 meters in height and an area of 4x3 meters or more) and sub-zero temperatures.

If these requirements are met, the performance of the components during snowfall can be analyzed. It takes next to no time for powdery snow to settle on the various surfaces. The tests can be of any length and can be repeated as often as necessary. Objects can therefore be analyzed in different positions, or the function of the components can be tested under layers of snow of different thicknesses. Examples include the extension of the rear spoiler or the operation of the windshield wipers.

TechnoAlpin can supply the cold chamber, complete with snowfall simulation as a turnkey system, on request or it can integrate the technology into existing cold chambers.