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The Snow and Winter Shopping Experience

A SnowRoom is an ideal opportunity for customized settings. The room is filled with real snow and simulates a magical winter wonderland. There are numerous SnowRoom design options to choose from. A winter wonderland with matching interior accessories and multimedia equipment will transport visitors to a completely different world. Snow thus becomes a brand experience. The physical point of contact with a brand goes beyond products, visuals and advertising slogans. You will connect with people on a new level. Modern concepts are based on experiential marketing and create new dimensions in terms of brand perception and customer loyalty.

SnowRoom for the retail sector

The room is also ideal for testing outdoor products under real winter conditions. Customers can try out winter coats, shoes or winter sports equipment at temperatures of -10°C amidst real powdery snow. This creates a unique shopping experience you'll never forget.

Snow for on the road

A mobile SnowRoom can be installed temporarily for trade fairs and events. The plug and play system is delivered in a container and can be integrated into both indoor and outdoor settings. A large window display will catch the visitors' attention. The winter landscape creates a dreamlike winter setting amidst the hectic hustle and bustle of the trade fair.

Jack Frost appears overnight

Just like natural snow, the white splendor of the SnowRoom consists exclusively of water and air – with no chemical additives. Snowmaking is carried out overnight in readiness for the early morning shoppers.

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Individual designs to suit all tastes

The SnowRoom is a major attraction for an unforgettable shopping experience. Whether artificially fashioned rock faces, romantic forests with indirect lighting or 3D abstract shapes, the SnowRoom can be individually customized thanks to various design concepts.



The most beautiful SnowRooms in the retail sector




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