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Snow for the Sauna - An entirely new way to cool down

Cooling down in the snow will do you good and stimulates the senses on various levels: deep breaths refresh the lungs and cold air cools down the body from head to toe. The wintry surroundings will delight the eye whilst a subtle aroma and appropriate acoustics create a relaxing ambiance. The freshly snow-covered landscape has this effect for a few minutes. Then anyone who wishes to do so can rub themselves with snow.

The Snow Room

The SnowRoom, also known as the snow cabin, snow sauna, ice room or cold room, is a room covering a surface area of 5m² to 20m² with real snow. The room is cooled to -5°C to -10°C and snow falls every night. Attractive interior designs create a pleasant atmosphere and make the room a key attraction in the wellness area.

Cold is essential

A proper sauna also requires rapid cooling after sweating. The sauna can only strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and boost metabolism if combined with the cold. A SnowRoom is ideal for restoring the body to a normal temperature - from head to toe: Deep breaths at -10°C and dry air cool the airways whilst powdery snow also has a cooling effect on the skin. Compared to dowsing with water, the cold effect is intensified without causing a cold shock.

The benefits of gentle contrast therapy with snow

Compared to traditional wet, cold treatments, the snow sauna is cold and dry and is pleasant to use and will even appeal to those who dread the cold. This perception of pleasure is essential in intensifying the positive effects because we feel far less stressed than we would if we were experiencing comparable temperature differences in wet conditions. The SnowRoom exploits the physiological ability of the human body to adapt to the fullest extent.

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The wellness innovation as a great attraction

The SnowRoom not only feels good but also looks good. Real powdery snow in a sauna setting will take the wellness guest by surprise and enhance the overall sauna experience. Those who are not looking for snow to cool down will visit the SnowRoom out of curiosity and be amazed at how natural the snow actually feels. This attraction will make traditional wellness areas stand out from the crowd and offers a new and interesting approach.

Customized designs - the perfect complement to the designer sauna

Setting the scene in a vision of white: Soft snow and tingling cold combined with the scents and sounds of a freshly snow-covered forest. Modern settings with music are also available. The SnowRoom is an exciting attraction to create a customized wellness area. A selection of interior designs is available to customize your very own setting

The technology: How snow is made for indoors

Real snow made from air and water - no artificial additives. And all of this is possible thanks to patented technology and constant temperatures ranging from -5 to -11°C. It snows overnight so that the room is ready and waiting in the morning.


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