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Canada Goose – the next big retail project with snow cabin

The Canadian brand and retailer Canada Goose, well known for its jackets and parkas - is currently planning the opening of several new flagship stores across the globe, from their domestic market in Canada through Europe and China. In recent years, the company has increasingly engaged in efforts to sell directly to consumers and has incorporated the concept of “cold rooms” into their shop concept. Cold rooms enable shoppers to test the products in the climatic conditions for which they were originally conceived. This does not only reassure the customer about the product’s quality and credibility but also creates a unique and memorable shopping experience. All new stores will be upgraded with snow: the snow cabin of TechnoAlpin offers extreme temperatures and real snow, every day fresh.





Canada Goose’s cold rooms are kept at subzero temperatures and are characterized by ice sculptures. However, for the opening of the store in Milan, one of the world’s most important fashion capitals, the company had something special in mind, a revolutionary upgrade that is slowly becoming a real trend in the retail industry: SNOW. This is where TechnoAlpin stepped in, the snowmaking expert whose “Snow Room” provided the perfect solution for an incremental innovation that leaves the cold as the central element while enhancing the shopping experience through real powder snow in a magical winter ambience.


The market leader TechnoAlpin is proud to be part of this success story and aims at supporting Canada Goose in further expansion efforts. The design of the Snow Room in Milan was conceived and developed in accordance with the client and adapted to specific requests. While representing a step forward for Canada Goose’s concept of cold rooms, the project is a breakthrough for TechnoAlpin as well. The snowmaking company sees the completion of the second big project in the retail sector, the first being a Snow Room for Woolrich made in 2017.

Snow and winter are turning into a true must-have retail experience and TechnoAlpin is already coping with several requests. The demand for innovative shopping experiences is therefore growing and opportunities are opening up for TechnoAlpin to put its expertise into play once again.