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Cubic Design in 3 different colors

The change in landscape brought about by fresh snowfall is the basic inspiration for the new “Cubic Design” of the TechnoAlpin SnowRoom. The innovative design is an exclusive Snøhetta creation for TechnoAlpin.


The new design is now available in three colors to ensure that the SnowRoom can be visually integrated into any existing wellness setting. In addition to glossy black, the innovative wall panels are now also available in white and gold.

Whereas the black and white versions compliment discreet surroundings, the gold SnowRoom epitomizes sheer luxury. Snow is something special and this design presents the wonder of snow in all its glory.


And if you want to be particularly extravagant, the gold version can be teamed up with additional luxurious accessories. Our team is available to discuss any unusual concepts you may have.

The 3D cubic design is a completely new type of interior design in the wellness sector and reflects the innovative character of the SnowRoom. The modular design can easily be adapted to different room sizes. It is made of durable and resistant materials which have been tested under extreme conditions.