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Makeover for TechnoAlpin Indoor brand – goodbye to AreaSana

The Indoor Snow division at TechnoAlpin has a new name and a new image, saying goodbye to the AreaSana brand and mainly involving the repositioning of the SnowRoom as one of the flagship products. The company is opening up to new industries and applications where snow and winter are becoming the attraction and part of the business model. The SnowRoom has long since moved on from the time when it was merely a “snow sauna”, although this is still a core segment. The snow room is now also found in a completely different context, as in the modern concept stores run by the luxury brand Woolrich.

The “extreme weather condition room” is the central element in the shop concept at Woolrich where customers experience the feel of minus 10 degrees Celsius on their skin and hear the crunch of fresh snow under their feet. A video projection adds to the wintry atmosphere and so the jackets can be tested in realistic winter conditions. Having tested the products in operation, customers remember shopping at Woolrich – a brand experience that has legs and is leaving other quality outdoor clothing brands standing.

TechnoAlpin itself uses the SnowRoom for effect in themed events. The SnowRoom also stole the show for the Chinese visitors at the World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing in September 2018. Visitors to the TechnoAlpin booth at the upcoming European trade fairs in the fall – Hotel 2018 in Bolzano, Interbad in Stuttgart and Alles für den Gast in Salzburg – can also expect to be greeted by fluffy powder snow again as TechnoAlpin takes leave of the AreaSana brand and parades its new look. TechnoAlpin INDOOR has the full package of expertise in indoor snowmaking, with the SnowRoom and the products for indoor snow parks and, not least, the solutions for industry and research. The areas of application are as wide-ranging and diverse as the solutions.