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Resource-saving SPA operation through SnowRoom heat recovery

TechnoAlpin snow rooms offer a specific and pleasant environment for post-sauna cool-down sessions at -10°C. A certain amount of energy is required to create optimum temperature conditions in the SnowRoom. However, a large proportion of this energy can be recovered using an efficient heat-recovery system. Read on to find out how it works:

Electrical energy, which is mainly required to cool the system, simultaneously generates thermal waste heat that has to be dissipated.


Instead of simply blowing this waste heat into the air using a recooler, this thermal energy can be efficiently recycled via an appropriate technical solution.

For instance, water in a swimming pool can be heated by installing an additional plate heat exchanger. Outdoor sports pools are ideal candidates.

Another option is to use an additional heat pump in order to reuse all of the waste heat, e.g. for heating premises or for warm water. Our experts can team up with the on-site technician to find the optimal solution to reuse up to 80% of the energy supplied.


All solutions are geared to the efficient use of resources and energy-saving snow room applications—albeit without detracting from the unique freshly powdered snow experience.