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Snøhetta and TechnoAlpin redefine design

The change in the landscape brought about by fresh snowfall is the basic inspiration for the new “Cubic Design” of the TechnoAlpin SnowRoom. The innovative design is an exclusive Snøhetta creation for TechnoAlpin.


Snow acts like a soft focus lens in nature. It transforms hard and angular rocks into a soft and serene landscape. The new SnowRoom mimics the style of mountain scenery. Thousands of tiny cubes on three-dimensional walls form the undulations of the landscape. As fresh snow is produced daily, the SnowRoom becomes a haven of tranquility and relaxation. Seating areas add to the restful ambiance as inviting places to linger and enjoy the cold to the full. The fresh new snow remains on the surfaces of the cubes, allowing small portions to be used for individual snow massages.

As a leading company in the field of snowmaking, innovation is the founding principle of TechnoAlpin. This also applies to design, as demonstrated once again by the Cubic Design from Snøhetta. The 3D structure is a completely new type of interior design in the wellness sector and reflects the innovative character of the SnowRoom. Various color options allow scope for individual customization.


The total redesign of the SnowRoom was a major challenge, not only in terms of creative input but also in terms of technical feasibility. It was not allowed, for example, to change the characteristics of the structure forming the outer envelope around the SnowRoom. The insulation is central to the high quality of the snow and the efficiency of the room. At the same time, simple and quick installation must be possible on site.

After an intensive and meticulous process all the way from brainstorming to finished product, the result is now more than impressive. The modular design can easily be adapted to different room sizes. It is made of durable and resistant materials which have been tested under extreme conditions. The material used must be fit for purpose in special conditions, such as high temperature fluctuations, humidity and continuous stress. Prefabricated modules make on-site installation considerably easier.


The new Cubic Design from TechnoAlpin creates a new opening for the operators of spa and wellness facilities to emphasize their individuality and innovative spirit. Futuristic design mixed with sophisticated technology will be the recipe for success for your SnowRoom.


The SnowRoom designed by Snøhetta is among the finalists for the prestigious architecture prize "The Plan Award". Voting will continue until 13 September. 

The Plan Award