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South China's largest indoor ski resort - Guangzhou Sunac Snow Park has opened

The largest indoor ski resort in South China has opened last weekend: Sunac Snow Park, located in Guangzhou, is a 75,000 square meters indoor snow park with a snow area of about 56,000 square meters, all covered with TechnoAlpin snow. With 4 indoor ski slopes with a total length of about 900 meters this new skidome is among the largest in the world. It is the first indoor ski resort equipped with a Gondola. The snow park can accommodate 3,000 visitors at the time and is expected to receive up to 20 million visitors per year.

The snowmaking system installed at Guangzhou is the TechnoAlpin S6. This snowmaking system is a special development for indoor use. Mounted at the ceiling, snow particles can form well on their way down and the snow quality is extremely dry, which is important for indoor situations. Dry powder snow is the best for an authentic winter experience and a comfortable climate. S6 has a special build-in feature that creates a cold air stream, this way snow is freezing immediately within the cold air stream and the system even helps to cool the hall. This is the only snowmaking system that allows to produce snow already at -2°C, regardless of the humidity level, and in powder quality.

China is preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. In anticipation of this event, and as part of an impressive national fitness program, China is encouraging millions of citizens to engage in snow and ice sports. A range of indoor ski resorts are emerging in the southern areas where natural snow is rarely seen or areas that are simply flat. Kids and adults learn how to ski, before they go to ski resorts in the mountains.

TechnoAlpin has a subsidiary in Beijing, China, with 42 employees, and is therefore making a contribution to China’s efforts to inspire enthusiasm for winter sports ahead of Beijing 2022. TechnoAlpin will be supplying snow making equipment for the Beijing 2022 Olympics, just as it has made snow for many recent Winter Olympic host cities. The company has also provided snowmaking services and equipment to some of China’s most famous ski resorts and is working on the installation of snowmaking systems for some other Chinese indoor ski resorts like Chengdu, Wuxi and Kunming (all opening soon).