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Snow in New York and Rome - Woolrich is implementing the successful concept in other flagship stores

Since 2017, TechnoAlpin has assisted the American winter clothing brand Woolrich in their effort to integrate snow and winter into their shop concept. Leveraging on the rising customer need for shopping experiences, Woolrich installed its first Snow Room in the flagship store in Milan two years ago. With custom equipment and video projection, the Snow Room instantly proved to be successful at attracting customers and creating memorable experiences.

Two years after the launch, Woolrich goes one step further by adding elements to the Snow Room’s interior design. Now featuring snow-covered trunks of trees, the Snow Room truly resembles a winter forest and realistically represents the environment for which Woolrich parkas were originally conceived.

Milan today, tomorrow the world: The Snow Room proved so successful that Woolrich could not limit its potential to Milan’s customers. During summer 2019 the same concept reaches the flagship store in Rome with a new exciting project for TechnoAlpin. A snow-covered cabin with its harsh temperatures is the perfect contrast to the warm store and its neat and elegant design.

Why not bring the concept overseas? In fall 2019, after the opening in Rome, TechnoAlpin’s Snow Room arrives in New York City. It is the first snow cabin in Woolrich’s home market, adding extreme value to the store and transforming it into the most suited location in NYC in which to experience Woolrich’s products.

These successive openings and the success of the Snow Room concept are good news for both Woolrich and TechnoAlpin. The American parka manufacturer is successfully adding value to their stores and the customers’ shopping experience, while the Italian leading snow expert is proving its expertise and reliability, ensuring a long-term continuation of the partnership towards exciting projects.

The collaboration continues and both companies are preparing for a new, inspiring year.