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With TechnoAlpin's Indoor Snow Concepts, experience snow in multiple locations and for various applications from conventional indoor skiing and shopping locations to snow for hotels and wellness areas. Numerous technical solutions are available ranging from the Snow Room and a surface area of 10m² to the world's largest indoor ski centers with snow-covered areas of 50,000m². It can even snow at warm temperatures of up to +25°C!

  • SnowRoom

    Winter & snow in the smallest space

    • -10° C
    • Up to 20m²
    • Hotel & Wellness, Retail, Events
  • S6

    Ski centers & indoor snow parks

    • -2°C or lower
    • Up to 50,000m²
    • Ski & snowboard, snow playground, tobogganing
  • Snowfactory

    Snow at warm temperatures

    • +20°C
    • Up to 5,000m²
    • First skiing experience and indoor snow fun



S6 for Indoor Ski Resorts


Snowfactory for Snow Theme Parks