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Solutions for Industry and Research

Snow is widely used for weather simulations in industry, especially in the automotive sector. Customized solutions for snowmaking are designed to suit specific customer requirements according to materials being used, and the functions to be tested.

Snow Simulation in Wind Tunnels

Snow is produced for use in wind tunnels to test the function and safety of vehicles and their components in winter conditions. Different situations are simulated, and the quality of the snow can be adjusted from dry powder snow to wet snow. The system allows for precise snow production in a defined space. Snowmaking in a climatic wind tunnel makes it possible to carry out in-house tests in all seasons, and under constant and measurable conditions to replace costly outdoor testing.

[Translate to Englisch:] Schneesimulation im Windkanal

Testing Tires in Snow

Tires must be tested on different surfaces and in varied winter conditions. Thanks to TechnoAlpin technology, they can also be tested on snow. These tests can be carried out indoors on simulated, snow-covered tracks using the S6 snowmaker. The quantity and quality of the snow can be flexibly adjusted, and it is very close in consistency to its natural equivalent. The snow used for testing is made from only air and water.

[Translate to Englisch:] Reifentests mit Schnee



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