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Real Snow and Deepest Winter

Winter Wonderland the whole year round: An Indoor Snow Park offers an authentic winter experience in any season, regardless of the outside temperature. The snow from TechnoAlpin provides the best conditions for skiing fun, and for just playing in the snow.

Fun in the Snow

Snow is a joyful experience for young and old. What is important is the actual quality of the snow. The dryer and softer it is, the more pleasurable it is to play in. TechnoAlpin technology is optimized to create the best powder snow and guaranteed fun in the snow in a pleasant indoor climate.

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Indoor Skiing and Winter Sport

Impeccably prepared slopes always enhance the skiing experience, also indoors. Dry snow is produced in perfect quality for a Ski Hall. Snowmaking is carried out either directly on the slope, or in a central location, where it is transported and prepared using snow grooming machines.

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Fresh Snow Every Day

Snow is produced from air and water, and is very close in quality to its natural equivalent, guaranteeing an authentic winter snow experience. A new layer is created every day so that the quality of the snow remains constant. The S6 snow maker is ideal for this purpose.

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Optimized for the Ski Hall

Production of snow depends on two important parameters – temperature and humidity. This is naturally a challenge in indoor environments that tend to have higher humidity. Standard snowmaking equipment is not suitable for indoor use. The snow would be too wet, and this would create a fog that would negatively influence the indoor climate of the venue. It is necessary to have a temperature of -8°C to produce snow when the humidity is high. TechnoAlpin has a particular technique for this situation. Snow is already produced at -2°C, entirely independent of the temperature and humidity of the ski hall. The use of energy is therefore optimized.

Automated and Straightforward

The operation of the S6 is automated via a computer and the appropriately programmed Snow Control Software. The snow quality can be altered according to the application. The snow that is produced for the first base layer requires different settings than the daily snow production. The snowmaking cycles may be programmed as desired, and the machines can be operated in a group. A communication interface provides information to the central system of the operator.





Snow at Plus Temperatures