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Indoor Snow at Warm Temperatures

Snow to touch, to play with, and to try to ski for the first time: spontaneous fun in the snow without any winter clothing is now possible at temperatures of about +20°C. Whether outdoor or inside a shopping center, snow is a true highlight for young and old.

Plug&Play Snow

The TechnoAlpin SnowFactory produces snow without any complicated infrastructure and, above all, at warm temperatures. Snow is purely made out of water and air without any chemical additives. Despite the warm surroundings the special consistency of the snowflakes guarantees a long-lasting snow fun.

Indoor Skiing Short Sleeved

The SnowFactory produces snow at outdoor temperatures up to +35°C and creates an indoor Winter Wonderland at temperatures from +15°C to +25°C. That way, indoor snow parks can save a lot of energy for cooling.

Snow for Warm Temperatures – How?

In conventional snowmaking processes water mist freezes in contact with cold air. The SnowFactory is nothing conventional: the snow is produced inside the unit itself - a 40 ft. shipping container resistant to outdoor conditions - and then transferred into the hall. Likewise, the entire refrigeration technology is integrated into the system and no separate onsite cooling is necessary. The consistency of the snowflakes and the high quantity of snow slow down the melting process, allowing for an unbeaten daily snow supply (up to 100m3 per Snowfactory).

Indoor Snowfall Simulation

The consistency of snowflakes can be further refined to realize an absolute must-have of snow parks: snowfall simulation. With an area coverage of about 30m2, the snowfall feature guarantees a continuous snowfall simulation all day.

Product Advantages

  1. Snowmaking at up to +35°C outdoor temperature
  2. New SNOWFALL add-on for augmented snow experience all day
  3. Long-lasting and fine snow quality
  4. Long-blowing distance of 150 meters for easy snow coverage
  5. Unbeaten snow quantity output
  6. Modular expandability depending on the desired snow volume
  7. Low investment and maintenance costs due to the absence of additives in the snow and technological flexibility



Indoor Ski Resorts -2°C

Indoor Ski Resorts -2°C