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The Snow Cabin

A Winter Wonderland in the smallest space: A SnowRoom surprises with real powder snow as part of the sauna complex, the retail shop or at events. TechnoAlpin offers tailor-made SnowRooms where the design is adapted to suit the client’s wishes and local conditions.

The functioning system is made up of three components: The snow cabin, built with high-quality material, and with the best possible insulation characteristics. The central technical system provides the interior with cold air and water and drives the production of snow. The re-cooling system ensures that the unit is continually cooled.

The EcoSnow2.0 – The Heart of the Unit

The multifunctional unit is the central control for all the components and operational modes. Here, air and water are cooled down and mixed optimally. The temperature of the room is controlled, and the snow nozzle is activated. The cold air is blown into the room via the snow nozzle, and no additional cooling is required. The compact unit can be installed up to 50 meters from the snow cabin.

[Translate to Englisch:] Die EcoSnow 2.0 – Das Herz der Anlage


A 7-inch touch display ensures easy control and monitoring of all of the EcoSnow 2.0’s operating functions. A timed program allows for the automatic control of the production of snow and defrosting times. When required, TechnoAlpin can access the device and make settings at any time via remote maintenance.

[Translate to Englisch:] EcoSnow 2.0. Bedienung

Production of Snow

The production of snow can begin from -5° C. The snow nozzle atomizes water into fine particles, which is then distributed throughout the cabin in the form of a fine mist of snow. One liter of water can produce five liters of snow. The time it takes to make the snow depends on the amount of snow desired, and the size of the room.

[Translate to Englisch:] Indoor Schneeproduktion

Public Access

Snow is made mostly at night to ensure that the SnowRoom is ready for visitors the following morning. Temperatures between -5 and -11°C are maintained from this point in time.

Defrosting and Cleaning

Depending on the number of visitors, a regular defrosting is recommended, on average once a week. The SnowRoom is completely defrosted by heating it with warm air. Cleaning is recommended after the defrosting process to ensure guests are guaranteed the highest standards of hygiene.

[Translate to Englisch:] Schneeraum - Abtauung und Reinigung



Design options

Heat Recovery

The waste heat that is generated during the cooling of the central technical unit can be recovered thermally and sensibly deployed, for example, to heat swimming pool water. Our project managers compile a precise technical design for the optimal use of recovered heat energy in consultation with the customer.

How snow is made for indoors




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