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Snow for the Sauna - A New Way of Cooling Down

Cooling down in the snow is good for you and stimulates the senses in a variety of ways. Deep breathing refreshes the lungs, and cold air cools the body from head to toe. The wintry surroundings delight the eye, while a subtle fragrance and matching acoustics create a relaxing mood. All this happens in just a few minutes in the fresh, snowy landscape. It is also possible to invigorate the body by rubbing it with fresh snow.

Cooling down is important

The use of cold is an essential part of the sauna treatment and has particular potential for health and wellbeing. The alternation of hot and cold strenghtens the immune system, improves the blood circulation and boosts the metabolism. In contrast to the traditional wet cool down applications, the snow room offers a dry cold. This is a very pleasant cold even especially for those who don't like the cold water.

Snow for Good Health

Cold has always been used to strengthen the immune system and promote blood circulation. These effects are particularly noticeable with the alternating application of cold and heat, a process that also stimulates the metabolism. The snow sauna offers a very gentle cold. At -10 ° C, the body cools down continuously over several minutes. The experience is intensified depending on the length of stay, and the individual need to cool down.

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  • Sauna

    Seated or lying down, relax for approximately 12/15 minutes, depending on the individual tolerance. Body and mind can enjoy and absorb the soothing warmth.

  • Cooling Phase in the SnowRoom

    Enter the SnowRoom with slippers or socks and wrapped with a towel. Seated or standing, refresh the lungs by breathing deeply and rubbing any painful areas with snow. The suggested length of stay is 3/5 minutes for women and 4/8 minutes for men. The time can vary depending on the body’s response and how often an individual uses the SnowRoom.

  • Relaxation

    After the SnowRoom dedicate at least 15-20 minutes to relax and to give the body time to let the positive effects of the treatment work. The cycle can be repeated several times in succession. At the latest after three rounds in the SnowRoom, the body needs a little longer break so that it can recover from the effort. In any case, sufficient heating and fluid supply must be ensured.

Positive Effects of the SnowRoom:

Using the SnowRoom immediately after the sauna brings with it many benefits for health and wellbeing, especially if used on a regular basis:

  • Strengthens the blood vessels
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Improves the circulation and the supply of oxygen to the tissues
  • Relieves pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Creates a feeling of deep relaxation
  • Has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and relieves symptoms of allergies

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